Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Moves.

The Gardens of Troy have been bustling in preparation for the rainy season. Summer is an exciting time for gardening here in South Florida because everything grows so fast, so we want to be sure to get a head start. Crops we plan to raise include:

-Sweet potato
-Calabaza squash
-Sugar Cane
-Lemon Grass
-Passion fruit
-Cow peas
-Hot peppers
-Aloe vera

Watering in the blueberries.


Ben Lucas, of the public defender's office,
was on hand to help build the new berry
planters, and plant some trees.

Left to right: blackberry, raspberry.

A healthy organic garden.

Collard greens.

Malanga, a tropical root vegetable.

Sugar cane.


Sunflowers and six varieties of hot peppers.

Fruit Trees.


Thanks to a donation from the Kiwanis, we were
able to buy a selection of fruit trees from our
friends at Pine Island Nursery.

Ross Sapote.


Bay leaf.

Carambola (star fruit)





This corner of the property benefits from
a pair of sprinkler heads, that mist everything
down every time the shade-house irrigation
system is activated.

The rear orchard, ready for growing season.

Garden Progress

Butterfly Garden blossoms in the morning sun. photo by Maggie.

A couple of tomatoes.

Tomato picking.


Fernando, transplanting Hawaiian papaya seedlings.

5.2.09 Work Day [Shade-house floor weed removal]

Carrying gravel from the pile to the
shade-house. [The wheel barrow soon
became the preferred method.]

Daniel and Gen spearheaded the shade-house floor
weed removal and gravel installation project. Making use of
the stones we took from the courtyard, they beautified
the floor while providing a buffer against the incessant weed growth.
Good job guys.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Orchard Planting Project in Ireland.

400 Fruit Trees Project, Kilkenny from Future Proof Kilkenny on Vimeo.

This is a nice video about a community fruit tree planting project run by non-profit groups in Kilkenny, Ireland. Something similar would work great in Miami.