Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saturday February 14th Garden Class.

Today was a busy day. We started early in the morning down at MetroZoo, where we picked up a load of elephant compost, to mix in with our soil for growing plants. (Thanks so much to John, who loaded us up, and Tom and Tarah, who helped arrange the endeavor. Thanks also to Elizabeth and Jose Bermudez, for borrowing and driving their friend's truck, as well as helping out tremendously in so many ways.)

Once we unloaded at TROY, the kids began to arrive and we started our day's lesson on how to build a garden bed.
1. Select a sunny area in the yard with access to irrigation.
2. Dig up the grass and till up the soil, removing any rocks or roots.
3. Construct a raised border around the bed.
4. Mix in compost and water thouroughly.
5. Plant seedlings.
6. Water.

Next week we will learn how to start pineapple plants from pineapple tops donated by Whole Foods Market.

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