Monday, March 8, 2010


Loco for coco. Our recent obsession has got us going nuts for this amazing fruit. Coconut water is chock full of wonderful beneficial properties and uses. This natural sports drink replenishes the valuable minerals and electrolytes our bodies need, especially in the heat of summer. Big companies in Brazil have started bottling and marketing their beloved and abundant "coco frio", and exporting it to the U.S. Lucky for Miamians, COCONUTS ARE EVERYWHERE.

Early morning rowboat rides out to a few islands in north Biscayne Bay yield "coco pups," or seedling coco palms, that can be planted in the ground, or raised in pots for future planting or sale.

Concern over potential risk of spreading the palm disease Lethal Yellow has caused a cease on coco pup collection until further research has been conducted.

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